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At Jeffries we are passionate about taking green organics, often considered a waste product, and turning it into a valuable asset for South Australian soils. 

Growing healthy soils is our business - and we make it our business to make the best quality products in Adelaide in the most sustainable way possible. 

When you choose Jeffries compost, soil or mulch, you are choosing the best.



Jeffries Celebrating Success

Last week we celebrated the launch of our new truck & loader. Another great additions to our fleet!

Posted 23 October 2017


First Vegepod Delivered

Tim from Port Adelaide Garden and Landscape Supplies delivered the first Vegepod won by Lewis Barnes.

Posted 13 October 2017


Athelstone Private Residence

Work completed by CBF Garden and Maintenance using Jeffries Landscapers Choice Mulch. 

Posted 11 October 2017



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