Compost  . . .  black gold 

Composting transforms organic material into a dark, rich, productive soil amendment (that gardeners often refer to as Black Gold).

Compost is the end product of the decomposition of organic matter. Organic matter includes: garden waste, kitchen scraps, leaves, grass clippings, branches, logs and liquid organics. There are many methods of composting, but all organic matter will eventually decompose, with or without our help.

Anyone can make compost, and many South Australian backyards have some kind of compost bin lurking behind the shed or peeking out from between the raised garden beds. Compost is a wonderful soil conditioner and is a valuable addition to your soil as it improves soil structure, aids in microbial activity in the soil, attracts beneficial insects such as earthworms, can suppress several soil born diseases and holds its nutrients in organic or slow release form, allowing for availability to your plants throughout the growing season.

What are the best uses for compost

We recommend using Jeffries Organic Compost when you want to condition your existing soil or are looking to add organic nutrients to your veggie garden (which you should be considering every growing season).



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