I want to grow a vertical garden

Vertical gardens are just the ticket for gardeners who are short on space, and they’re great for brightening a bare wall with flowers, greenery or edibles

The key to growing up (and let“s face it, if you are a keen gardener, you“ll have to grow up at some stage — when you run out of room) is to ensure you use the correct soil for the array of different pots or systems available on the market — or from your imagination. So once you have made the tricky decision of what to grow, make the easy choice from Jeffries“ range of potting soils.


    Don“t mix sun-loving and shade-loving plants on the same wall.



What product should I use if I want to grow a vertical garden?

Best choice 

Premium Potting Mix

Great choice   

Organic Potting Soil
Regular Potting Mix

Good choice  

Veggie & Garden Soil