Recycled organics is just part of our business

The best recycled products on the market

Jeffries composts, soils and mulches are of the highest quality on the market. They are used in commercial projects, landscapes and growing applications, especially vineyards and vegetable growing, but are also used in home gardens (making tomatoes taste like real tomatoes all over Adelaide!).

Adding nutritional benefits to soil, increasing soil carbon, improving water retention and reducing water evaporation, using Jeffries products can help increase crop yields and grow healthier plants.

When you choose a Jeffries compost, soil and mulch, you are choosing the safest and cleanest recycled organic products on the market.


What goes into Jeffries products?

The green organics received at Jeffries are from most of metropolitan Adelaide’s council kerbside collections. In addition, organics collections from supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and food processors are a rapidly growing market, with commercial enterprises seeking a green alternative to the disposal of their organic waste.

Large quantities of tree trimmings, street sweepings and end-of-life wooden pallets make up much of our clean green and clean timber inputs. We also accept liquid organics from various sources including grease traps, stormwater, wineries and food processors.


Technology turning organics into a quality product

We pride ourselves on having an innovative approach to processing organics.

We start by sorting our raw materials – garden trimmings, food scraps, tree prunings, liquid organics, wood chips – pretty much anything that once grew.

We then compost the organic material using our customised aeration system for six to eight weeks. Once matured, the sweet smelling compost is sorted through our state of the art Recycled Organics Sorting System (ROSS). This is where the majority of inorganic pieces that have historically been a major problem for compost processors are removed using innovative, mechanical, technological and manual sorting techniques.