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Keeping your garden
in the loop

Only a decade ago, most compostable material from council collections would have gone straight to landfill. Today however, Jeffries is a leading innovator, sustainably recovering previously wasted organic resources and turning them into high quality and nutritious soil conditioners, soil products and mulch for your veggie patch and garden.

Closing the loop

We call it ‘closing the loop’ - processing green organics into great quality products that you can apply to your soil and gardens to grow stronger and healthier plants, fruit and veg. The scraps and byproducts of growing can then be put in your green bins at home and will start the process again through our production facility. 

Using Jeffries products not only adds valuable organic matter to your soil, helping your garden resist the extremes of Adelaide summer and winter temperatures, it also helps your plants get the most from your soil by enhancing nutrient uptake, increasing soil water-holding capacity and reducing evaporation and run-off. Adding compost, applying mulch or using our premium soil products will set up your gardens for years of productive growth.