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Organic Compost
Jeffries Organic Compost can be used as a soil conditioner, can be added to existing soil to build health and is particularly useful in poor or nutrient depleted soil.
Jeffries Organic Compost is NASAA certified for organic input and certified to Australian Standards. Read more >> >>Download the PDF


Forest Mulch
Jeffries Forest Mulch is the one to use when you want a fine grade, natural looking mulch full of composted organic matter that will also condition your soil.
>>Download the PDF
Dura Mulch
Jeffries Dura Mulch is perfect for broadacre coverage or large scale reserves. It is also a great choice for windy sites or slopes.
>>Download the PDF
Recover Mulch
Jeffries Recover Mulch will give a rich, dark finish to your project with the added benefit of Blood and Bone - giving plants an extra boost to flourish. It's a great choice for established garden beds where digging in compost may be difficult. >>Download the PDF
Forever range
Jeffries Forever mulches are the best choice for a dynamic contrast and contemporary look in your garden design. A quality alternative to pine bark, the Forever range has a long lasting and non-toxic colour and is our slowest mulch to break down - meaning top-up time is two to three years. >>Download the PDF
The only loose fill softfall certified to Australian Standards. >>Download the PDF


Veggie & Garden Soil
Full of beneficial organic matter to establish vibrant plant growth and beautiful home-grown veggies. Jeffries Veggie & Garden Soil is especially designed for raised gardens, providing adequate drainage and aeration, while also retaining sufficient moisture at the root zone. >>Download the PDF
Special Soil
Jeffries Special Soil is an all-round soil used to eastablish new garden beds, top up exisiting garden beds and in place of a sandy loam when you want added benefits from organic matter. >>Download the PDF
Hydrocell Soil
Jeffries Hydrocell Soil has is a lightweight mix including Jeffries Organic Compost and Hydrocell — a specially formulated moisture-holding substance. >>Download the PDF

Potting Mix

Organic Potting Soil
Jeffries Organic Potting Soil can be used in place of a potting mix when you want to grow organically. Perfect for all small to medium pots, our Organic Potting Soil has excellent drainage and resists compaction. >>Download the PDF
Premium Potting Mix
Jeffries Premium Potting Mix is perfect for when you want an initial boost of nutrients from the added slow release fertliser. >>Download the PDF
Regular Potting Mix
Jeffries Regular Potting Mix is perfect for all small to medium potted plants including shrubs, ornamentals, fruit trees, veggies and herbs. >>Download the PDF

The Jeffries PowerScaper

Do yourself and your team a favour and book the Jeffries PowerScaper for your next BIG job. Capable of spreading mulch in the 10th of the time, it can really take the load of your spreading.

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Jeffries EcoBlanket®

Jeffries Ecoblanket is a cost-effective alternative to the labour-intensive traditional methods of embankment and erosion control.  

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