PlayScape™ Soft Fall

Jeffries PlayScape is the only certified loose soft fall in South Australia.


Why choose PlayScape™ ?

Choose PlayScape when you want to ensure you are using the safest softfall available to avoid injury from tripping, abrasion and stick injury.

To help prevent injury, playgrounds should have at least 350mm of softfall under and around all equipment. Over time, softfall breaks down and compacts. If you haven't topped up your playground softfall for a while, now is the time.



  • Provides cushioning from falls to help protect against injury
  • Non toxic
  • Peace of mind for your family.

Top up time

12 months


Certified to Australian Standard 4422 Lic 2207

PowerScaper™ application

When you use Jeffries PlayScape™ you also have the opportunity to use the Jeffries PowerScaper™ for application, the only machine of its kind in Adelaide. Using a low impact pneumatic process we are able to pump the softfall directly to the playground from up to 100m away, so no need to drive heavy machinery over your lawns or grounds.

We can work around and under play equipment with ease and an even application means no additional spreading is needed. Most applications are complete in just a couple of hours.

For more details, a quote or to request a copy of our Australian certification, contact us on 08 8368 3555 or